Friday, April 20, 2012

Review - Underworld: Awakening, American Reunion

It's here again when Shawna shares her thoughts and feelings on some movies she has seen recently. Feel free to agree or disagree because remember, these are opinions and not facts. I enjoy hearing persons' opinions and feedback so feel free to leave a comment. Enjoy :)

Underworld: Awakening (2012)
Starring Kate Beckinsale, Stephen Rea and Michael Ealy.

Okay picking up where we left off from Underworld Evolution, Selena (Kate Beckinsale) returns as the vampire heroin who was captured by humans and kept in a chamber frozen for 12years. During that time, humans discovered the existence of vampires and lycans and was able to annihilate them, with a only few remaining living underground. Selena was captured by an organization who was supposedly working on an antidote to cure the virus that creates lycans and vampires. But the director of the organization, Dr.Lane (Stephen Ray) was actually a lycan himself, working on a cure to make lycans stronger and immune to silver. It is revealed Selena had a child with Michael, her hybrid lover. Selena teams up with David (Theo James), another vampire and also with the help of Detective Sebastian (Michael Ealy), were able to bring down the organization and its lycan counterparts. The movie ends when Selena attempts to free Michael but discovers that he's missing from his chamber. So we definitely know there will be another sequel.. yay. Underworld awakening was pretty predictable but should be praised for its action. One thing though, some of the fight scenes looked too computerized, you know, it looked like a video game. This was the same issue I had with Blade 2 and The Matrix Reloaded. Overall the movie was okay and the action pretty much made up for the predictable storyline. Not the best film of the series but decent enough.
Rating: 6.5/10

American Reunion (2012)
Starring Jason Biggs, Sean William Scott and Chris Klein.

Our beloved American Pie friends are back but this time all grown up, virginities lost and all :) The fourth installment of the American Pie series (well the movies that actually went to theaters) features the group hooking up for their high school reunion 13 years later. Jim (Jason Biggs) and Michelle (Alyson Hannigan) are married with a son while Oz (Chris Klein) is now a successful sports personality. Kevin (Thomas Nicholas) has also gotten married while Finch (Eddie Thomas) who at first lied about being an 'adventurer' is just merely a store manager. We also welcome back the presence of the almighty trash talker, loud mouth, don't give a damn Stiff-Meister (Sean William Scott). They meet up in their old town on Friday for the reunion which takes place on Sunday. They had a pretty interesting weekend I might add; defecating in water coolers, trying to sneak a half naked teenager into her home without her parents seeing, fights with teenagers and so forth. Predictable but this film definitely had its funny moments. Although most of the old jokes from the previous films were recycled, it does give you that nostalgic feeling which brings you right back to the first film. Also give credit to Stifler, his loud mouth antics are what made this film rather entertaining. The movie also had a rather interesting ending; it reveals surprise hookups, I wont say who though. Definitely better than 'American Wedding' and even though American Reunion may not be the best of the series, you will definitely get some laughs and get lost in nostalgia.
Rating: 7/10

The Darkest Hour (2011)
Starring Emile Hirsch, Olivia Thirlby and Rachael Taylor. 

Nowadays when I see an alien movie being previewed, I automatically think it is rubbish and 'The Darkest Hour' proved me right once again. The story is about two American men who travel to Moscow on a business venture but end up fighting for their lives against invisible aliens who have invaded earth for its resources. And of course, it had the typical cliched ending for an alien invasion movie; A lot of people die and then someone saves the day or figures how to defeat the aliens blah blah blah. This movie was flat out dull and anti-climatic. To make it worse, the acting was just terrible. Waste of time and precious brain cells.
Rating: 2/10

The Samitarian (2012)
Starring Samuel L. Jackson, Luke Kirby and Ruth Negga.

After being in prison for 25years, Foley (Jackson) is ready to start a new life. In the past, he was a well known grifter or con-man but was placed in a situation where he had to kill his best friend/partner. After paying the price for his crime and ready to start anew, he is re-united with his past however when he meets his dead partner's son Ethan (Luke Kirby). Ethan wants to learn the grifters game to which Foley readily shuns him. Foley meets a prostitute named Iris (Ruth Negga) and they become an item, a spark in his life. Only to find out later on that he had played right into Ethan's plans. Ethan never forgave Foley for killing his father and his love interest Iris turns out to be the daughter he never knew. To keep her from finding out the truth, Foley agrees to help Ethan with a 8million dollar con. As it goes along, this movie is filled with interesting twists. 
Amidst everything, the acting was poor and the movie was for most parts, VERY dull. The name of the film refers to the name of the con performed and also highlights that Foley played a good Samaritan to Iris. Interesting to say the least. The movie boasts a decent storyline but the execution was pretty much poor. Definitely could have been way better.
Rating: 5/10

Joyful Noise (2012)
Starring Dolly Parton, Queen Latifah and Keke Palmer.

When I think about choirs, the 'Sister Act' films comes to mind and then there's this movie: Joyful Noise :/ This film stars Latifah and Dolly Parton as leaders of their church choir who participates yearly in the 'Joyful Noise' choir competition but never win. With the death of their choir director, Vi Rose (Queen Latifah) becomes choir director, much to G.G (Dolly Parton) dismay. The two frequently fuss over what style the choir should use and so forth. Their feud further intensifies when G.G's rebellious grandson Randy (Jeremy Jordan) and Vi Rose's daughter Olivia (Keke Palmer) becomes interested in each other. With the church threatening to close down the choir, G.G suggests a different style but the pastor dismisses it. 
The movie continues along with bickering, confrontations and romance until its very predictable ending where of course, the choir finally wins the competition. As this movie started, you could tell how it was gonna end.  But otherwise from being extremely predictable, the choir/musical numbers were cool and will have you singing along - but that was just about it. 
Rating: 5/10

Contraband (2012)
Starring Mark Wahlberg, Kate Beckinsale and Ben Foster.

Chris Farraday (Wahlberg), an ex-smuggler, has settled down with his wife (Beckinsale) and sons. Putting his past behind him, he now installs security systems. However, his past comes back to haunt him when his brother in law Andy (Caleb Jones) gets mixed up in smuggling gone wrong. Now the person who hired Andy wants their money for the dumped drugs and forces Chris to do what he does best....running contraband in order to pay off Andy's debt. 
That line that you see above is how this movie started, right to its ending.....FLAT!! There were no high points, not even a beep. Just a boring, lackluster wanna-be action flick. Not amused.
Rating: 4/10

The Vow (2012)
Starring Channing Tatum, Rachel McAdams and Sam Neil.

The movie begins with Leo (Tatum) and Paige (McAdams) leaving the movie theater but on the way driving home, they get distracted and are involved in a car accident where Paige is flung through the windshield. Unfortunately she loses her memory and has no recollection of her past memories with Leo. Here's the fun part, she remembers EVERYTHING right before she met her husband. I said to myself "Is this movie really based on a true story?" Because this seemed like a cliched storyline that Hollywood would manifest. So as a result she doesn't embrace Leo so now he has to start all over again hoping she will remember him and win her heart again. This film was ridiculously corny and boring. It may be attributed to the lousy lead roles of Tatum and McAdams because if you really think about it, the story isn't really bad but the direction and acting was lousy. If you're a big fan of corny love movies then this one is for you.
Rating: 4/10

21 Jump Street (2012)
Starring Jonah Hill, Channing Tatum and Brie Larson.

After watching 'The Vow', I grew weary of Channing Tatum and his mediocre movies but 21 Jump Street proved differently. The film stars Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill as patrol officers who fall out of favor with their department after failing to read the rights to a civilian whom they busted. They opt to join the secret 21 Jump street unit and go undercover as students. Their investigate and uncover a drug ring at the school. Though a predictable plot, the ride was fun. Movie definitely had its funny moments especially that scene where they took the drugs......hilarious. Originally thought Channing Tatum couldn't deliver a comedic performance but he did pretty good and so did everyone else. If comedies are your thing, then 21 Jump Street is a good watch.
Rating: 7.5/10


  1. Hmmm interesting review. Most of the movies u mentioned at got a chance to watch and some like "The Vow" I didn't. For me the story line for "Underworld" wasn't that good but the actions were great, its just a good action movie. I never watched "The Samaritan" before so can't comment on that one but guess I'll have to watch it. Watch "21 Jump Street" at Carib last month I think and I'd never watch that movie again. I don't think gay scenes need to be in a movie for it to be funny and actually saw ppl walking out because of that. The movie was just dull to me and seemed more like a gay movie more than anything else. Went to see "the Cabin In The Woods" because of the review u made but didn't get a chance to cause it was only available for the late show so ended up watching "American ReUnion" and not going to lie I didn't regret it at all cause it was mad crazy funny from start ti finish to me. Didn't think it would be that great but I really enjoyed my time watching it and it didn't have to be filled with a lot of gay antics like Jump Street did to be hilarious. "Contraband" for me was just an ok movie. Didn't see anything mind blowing in it like I was expecting and was confused at one point as to where the whole movie was going. I plan on watching "Joyful Noise" one of these days cause it looks ok. I must say its good to find out what ur movie thoughts are because don't find a lot a movie lovers anymore. So keep them coming ok.

  2. Loving the blog. Pretty straightforward and unbiased movie analysis. Still lol'ing at the Movie Rate-o-scale criteria. Thumbs up.

  3. thanks for the love guys <3. Lol Muga but American Reunion also had its gay moments. Both films definitely had its funny moments