Sunday, May 06, 2012

Upcoming Movie Sequels and Remakes


If you've been following the movie industry for the past decade or so, you'd know that sequels and remakes have taken over Hollywood and our lives. They are like ALIENS from outer space but most do not come in peace! Unfortunately, our beloved movie industry seem to have run out of original and creative ideas to entertain us through films so they rely heavily on these sequels and remakes. Some were actually worth it and others were just garbage. A few upcoming ones I'm actually happy about but most, not so much. But what Hollywood fails to realize is, certain genres and era of movies should not be remade. For example the awesome 1980s in films; That's probably the hardest set of movies to remake because of the difference in style, technology and music back then. At this rate, they will probably remake every classic movie we grew up watching by 2020. But not only is every movie being remade or sequel-ed, everything seems to be made in 3D now, which is even worst. But hey, the movie business is a money-making thing. Even if the movie suck, people will still go see it. There are A LOT of remakes and sequels going to be released over the next few years. Here are some of them.


If you saw the 'The Dark Knight' you would know this is a must see in July 2012. One of the most impressive reboots in film history, especially from those disappointing and mediocre Batman movies in the 90s. However, 'Batman' and 'Batman Returns' of the 80s with Michael Keaton are true classics and should not be mentioned in the same breath as those made in the 90s. The 'Dark Knight' is arguably the greatest superhero movie of all time so the anticipation for its sequel is overwhelming. A reboot well done by Christoper Nolan and hopefully another fantastic sequel in 'The Dark Knight Rises'.


My favorite superhero of all time. Some of us are probably too young to remember those classic Christopher Reeves "Superman" movies which came out in the late 1970s but it was pretty cool. The 'Man of Steel' reboot is scheduled to begin in 2013. It was actually scheduled to be released in 2012 but was pushed back. 'Superman Returns' in 2006 was a somewhat decent but never really lived up to its expectation. So director Zack Snyder is at the helm and lets see what he can do with this reboot.


Another must see film of 2012. Another impressive reboot in the making? Perhaps. The original Spiderman trilogy starring Tobey Maguire was too bland for my liking, not to mention 'Spiderman 3'. So this is a reboot that I'm actually looking forward to. Hopefully it lives up to the hype surrounding it and Andrew Garfield shines in the role.

SCARY MOVIE 5 (2013)

Does anybody remember the other Scary Movie films other than Scary movie 1 and 2? Yeah me either. I've grown tired of this franchise and just like 'Saw', 'Final Destination' and 'Paranormal Activity'... I wish it would end. I don't see this sequel being any different from the last one; bad acting and trying too hard to be funny. Can they surprise us? I doubt it. Don't get too excited for this one. 

FAST 6 (2014) 

I'm pretty sure everyone grew weary of the Fast and Furious franchise. I did. But Fast 5 in 2011sparked an interest once more. One of the most entertaining films of 2011, it didn't disappoint and now has everyone sitting on the edge of their seat for that new sequel 'Fast 6', scheduled to be released in 2014. I really hope it can match or surpass the intensity of Fast 5 and with the same cast returning, it may just do so. There have been talks of a possible reboot of the entire series. But for now, lets just enjoy the ride.


Yeah that's right Hollywood, go and remake one of the best dance movies of all time because yeah, dance/musical films are doing so well in the 21st century right? -___-. I'm pretty sure no one wants this classic remade but you know how it is. Can they do a better climatic dance scene in the remake? Heh! Patrick Swayze will be rolling in his grave. Movie is rumored to be released in 2013.


If you liked the 'Monster's Inc' movie released in 2001, then you should be excited for this sequel scheduled to be released in 2013. I had mixed feelings at first when i heard there will be a sequel but then I got further news that its actually going to be a prequel set when the monsters were in university. Still looking forward to watching, seeing I'm a big fan of animated movies.

CHILD'S PLAY (2014) 

I really dont know how this is going to work out but lets hope for the best. Yeah people, they are remaking Chucky. First and foremost, if Brad Dourif is not the voice of Chucky, this is already a failure. Secondly, did yall watch the last Chucky films? Oh Lord. The horror genre is dying, I cant honestly see how a reboot of this horror classic will make an impact but it is a money making venture.


When I heard this film is being remade, a part of me died. This is my favorite Arnold Schwarzenegger film of all time and to make matters worse, it will be starred by that mediocre actor Colin Farrell. The thing I fear  about this remake is that they're going to swamp it with too much flashy action scenes, which was not the case in the original movie released in 1990. This movie will be released later this year and i look forward to watching.

CARRIE (2013)

 Back in 1976, audiences shivered at the sight of Sissy Spacek being doused with pig's blood by a-hole high school students and then taking her revenge through telekinesis killing almost everyone and burning down the school. The Rage: Carrie 2 was such a big flop, do they believe that this will be any different? It just may but so far, all horror classic remakes have flopped. Movie is rumored to be released in 2013.


Listen to me Hollywood, if you're going to make another Hangover movie, change up the plot or something!! 'Hangover 2' was a disgrace; it was like watching Hangover part 1 all over again but only this time with corny jokes and crappy acting. From fans who adored "The Hangover", try something original and different with the wolf pack next time please.


Seeing the success of each film at the box office, Marvel would be idiots not to do followup sequels. Hopefully these sequels will be more exciting than the previous films, which were mostly boring. Also, after such an impressive Avengers movie, there is also talks about an upcoming Avengers sequel. Not surprised, Its doing well. Oh and if you saw the ending credits in 'Avengers', it gives you a little sneak peak into the future sequel.


John McClane is back and this time he's heading to Russia in the fifth installment of the 'Die Hard' franchise. Die Hard has always been entertaining, and much to everyone's surprise, 'Live Free or Die Hard' in 2007 was not as bad as we thought it would have been. So lets welcome back Bruce Willis and hope this installment will be worth it.


Rumored Sequel

Just when we thought the Xmen franchise was DEAD, there came 'Xmen First Class'. Definitely the best of the franchise and arguably one of the best superhero films. Not officially confirmed but there have serious talks about a sequel in 2014/2015. But hey, I'm rooting for it and I'm sure Xmen fans would be pleased too.

TAKEN 2 (2012)

I don't know but there's some mystery surrounding this release. I'm seeing where it is slated for release on October 5 of 2012 but we haven't seen any teaser trailer or official news. But i guess as the year progresses, we'll see and hear more this sequel and by the way, if you haven't seen 'Taken', go do so right away. It was AWESOME.

Rumored Prequel/Sequel

First we heard the sequel/prequel to '300' was going to be called 'Xerxes', now we hear that its gonna be called '300: Battle of Artemisia". Okay, it seems they are bit confused on what to call it but there is definitely strong talks on a prequel to 300 for release sometime in 2013. I'm not sure if this prequel/sequel can match the intensity of its predecessor but hey, they'll still make a good buck at the box office.


Ghostbuster 3??? Like seriously? Our beloved Ghostbusters are old now, can they catch ghosts anymore? I highly doubt that. I've read that Bill Murray (Peter Venkman) is very reluctant to do a sequel, even though much of the cast is willing to proceed without him. They must be broke. But what's 'Ghostbusters' without the original Peter Venkam? In this sequel, the original ghostbusters will supposedly act as mentors to a new set of ghost catchers. Man, I don't have a good feeling about this.

AVATAR 2 (2015)

The smurf people will be back in 3 years. Why such a long wait though? James Cameron must be a busy man, busy counting all that cash he made off of 'Avatar'. This movie was overrated as hell but it was embraced by the audience who just couldn't stop going to the theaters to watch it. As a result, it is the highest grossing movie of all time with an estimated 2.8billion dollars at the box office. Cameron would be crazy not to do sequels for it.


Our childhoods will come crashing down when 'The Neverending Story" is remade. The sequels that followed weren't as great as the first film but was still pretty awesome especially while growing up. I dont have much faith in this remake because many directors cannot re-enact that 1980s fantasy atmosphere. Leonardo DiCaprio will be producing this one so lets hope he knows what he's doing. Film is slated to be released in 2014.

Rumored Sequel

With today's technology, I cant believe the two recent Terminator films have been so mediocre. They should be taking advantage. Arnold didn't have this much technology back when he did the first two films. Then again, maybe this is what's bad for movies. Anyways there are talks for a fifth installment in the 'Terminator' franchise. Nothing confirmed yet but I really hope they make the necessary adjustments and fixes because this movie should be a box office hit.


'Anchorman: Legend of Ron Burgundy' was a hilarious movie. Never thought they'd make a sequel but yeah ladies and gentlemen, its in the works. I'm just hoping they don't pull a 'Hangover 2' on us because good comedies are now a dying breed. Shooting is rumored to commence in 2013.

Rumored Sequel

Beetlejuice, beetlejuice, beetlejuice!!! That Awkward moment when you hear there will be a Beetlejuice sequel.....without Michael Keaton. One of the most fun movies ever made, we all know that Tim Burton will be at the helm directing but who can play Beetlejuice? Rumor has it.... it's gonna be Johnny Depp. He may play a fine Jack Sparrow but that doesn't necessarily mean he'll play a fine Beetlejuice character. Well if it does happen, let us pray.

More Rumored Remakes/Reboots

This is one reboot I am looking forward to. Why? With technology today, a good director, good script and good actors, this reboot should be AWESOME.

"Thank God" is what I said when I heard they are planning to reboot Transformers. Bad scripts, bad acting, corny jokes, the flashy action scenes were just not enough - something had to be done. Michael Bay is in talks for a fourth Transformer film to be released in 2014. Dear God no, just reboot the whole thing with a new director please. 

A reboot in the works I heard. It is much needed as the two 'Fantastic Four' films released were just terrible. I really hope Michael Bay doesn't volunteer to direct. Let us pray.

The Ninja Turtles are gonna be back and they gonna be back as aliens. Like WTF? Aliens?! You people make me sick. And even further bad news, the franchise will be directed by Michael Bay. Let us pray.


  1. The amount a badwud me waan cuss bcuz them waan remake some very good films...hollywood sucks! Good read tho... (Y)

  2. Lol trust me babe..... you are not alone on that one, i get headaches just reading.

  3. Hollywood NEEDS TO LEAVE CLASSIC FILMS ALONE ... Jesus ..
    How many Superman Movies are they going to make -_______-
    I am most happy to see that there will be another Taken. I LOVE THAT MOVIE ! ..

  4. Coulnt agree with you more Bree. Taken was really fun. R.I.P to our classic films

  5. i hate when hollywood shits on my childhood... im kinda looking forward to Spiderman and Total Recall. Batman is gonna be epic! Die hard installment might be interesting, i thought i wouldnt have liked the last one but i did...

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