Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Top 15 Worst Movies of 2011

Every year we are witnesses to good movies and bad movies. However 2011 was bombarded with mostly bad and mediocre films. The movie industry is failing; they seem to be running out of ideas because we are not getting the quality films we are accustomed to. Bad acting and bad scripts seem to be the norm right now. This year was a record year in sequels and majority failed to impress. What these directors and writers fail to understand is that graphics/special effects and visuals can only go so far. Let me share with you my top 15 worst films released in 2011. If there's a particular bad movie that you've seen that is not on my list, I probably haven't seen it yet. Feel free to comment with such movies so I can avoid them. 

The following movies invoked suicidal thoughts....

Cowboys and Aliens
Oh my god, they should have just stuck to one theme, either make this an alien movie or a cowboy movie, because mid-way through this film, I think the cast and crew got confused. Stupid plot, bad acting and an overall failed attempt of a sci-fi action thriller.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1
I am pretty sure we are all accustomed to the bad acting in the Twilight series but oh man was it even more terrible in this sequel. Choppy script, lame action sequences and the talking wolves scenes was just too much to bare. I didn't expect a lot but somehow I was disappointed at how terribly this movie was done.

A movie that looked promising at the start but spiraled wildly out of control as it went along. I liked the cinematography and all but its really lame cast sucked the life out of an already mediocre script and plot.

Johnny English Reborn
They should have stopped after the first movie. I don't know why this was released to the public and I don't see how anyone found this funny. It was ridiculously corny because they tried too hard on the jokes. FAIL.

The trailer for this film looked so good but yet this was such a crappy and predictable film. Priest was so flat, anti-climatic and boring. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Stop making these bad movies Paul Bettany.

Another stupid Kevin James movie but this time with talking zoo animals. He picked up right where he left off  from his other incredible stupid film 'Paul Blart: Mall Cop'. Stupid script, corny and a juvenile film. Only kids would enjoy this crap.

The Three Musketeers
The Three Musketeers gets remade like every five to ten years or so and this remake did no justice at all. The cast, the humor and the dialogue were terrible. This was embarrassing.  I believe the cast and crew of the former Musketeer films should sue them.

Season of the Witch
A very pointless film about witches. Nicolas Cage is on that path of destruction. This movie did not make any sense and the opening story sequence of the witches seemed so irrelevant and pointless as the film went along. Whatever.


Nicolas Cage strikes again with this horrendous wanna-be thriller. He drags Nicole Kidman along with him in this sloppy and boring mess. So predictable it hurts.


Red Riding Hood
"From the producers of Twilight"......When we heard that, we should have taken that as a warning. Another childhood tale gone into ruins. Pointless film swamped by lackluster performances. They tried twisting the story line into something cool but it just turned out to be a sappy love story gone wrong. Terribly wrong.


This movie is called Abduction. Who the hell was abducted? It surely wasn't Taylor Lautner. Another Twilight member on the loose ruining other movies. Very weak plot with Taylor's really bad acting made this very painful and pointless.

Shark Night 3D
Poor poor poor acting is all I can remember from this film. I think Piranha 3DD was inspired by this. The story-line isn't as predictable as you thought it would be but the poor dialogue and acting just massacred and ruined everything.

Sucker Punch
When this movie started, I was like "This should be fun"but damn was I wrong. Sucker Punch has a nice soundtrack but that was the only thing going on for it. Not only was it boring but the story was just stupid. How they incorporated the lame action sequences into this story was just ridiculous. Let me not even mention how anti-climatic this was. Ugh.

Your Highness
If you watched the 'Pineapple Express', you'd know that Danny McBride and James Franco make a funny duo. In 'Your Highness' however, they were NOT funny at all. Dialogue and script was poor and as usual they tried too hard to sell the jokes. I cant believe they dragged Natalie Portman into this mess.

Jack and Jill
This movie sucks just like the one we're in
Al Pacino was not bad in this film but everyone and everything else was. Adam Sandler please do NOT dress like a woman again, you are not Eddie Murphy or Tyler Perry. Most embarrassing film of the year, Adam has been on that road of destruction and he has definitely convinced us with this predictable and poorly done JUNK.

Honorable Mentions
New Years Eve
Transformers: Dark of the Moon
Drive Angry 3D
Mars Need Moms
The Darkest Hour
Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked
The Sitter
Green Lantern


  1. Hi my name is josh and I approve this message

  2. Hmmm...where to begin...ME AGREE WITH THE WHOLE LIST!! Priest's trailer WAS the movie...what went to theatres was the deleted scenes, Green Lantern SUCKED, Sucker Punch sucked b4 i even saw the trailer, i watched only 5 mins of Season of the Witch, the amount a time me drop alseep watching Cowboys vs Aliens...i still cant believe there were ppl tht said it was good....U think man ago siddung n watch Chipwrecked?? kmt...No sane child will like Zookeeper, the Sitter was so lame sheesh! ...Transformers only looked good i guess...but damn....well, there u have it...gone again! lol

  3. LOLOL thanks for the comments guys