Thursday, August 16, 2012

Movies I'd Like To See

Everyday I get angry when I hear that one of my favorite classic movies, comic book etc is being re-made. 2011 was a record breaking year of sequels and it's going to get even worse. Clearly, Hollywood has ran out of ideas on originality even though we still see a few good movies being released. Sometimes after watching a movie, one may yearn for a sequel. Or maybe you see an interesting topic or event you'd to see being made into a film. It only takes the right director, script, cast etc to bring it all to life.

If I was a movie director, these are some movies I think should be RE-MADE or brought to life on the big screen.

District 10

I'm pretty sure most of us watched District 9 and basked in its awesomeness. I absolutely loved this alien movie. The style of direction, cinematography and acting was breath-taking. Not to mention its original story and depth. The ending of the movie seemed it would spawn a sequel and there were rumors of sequel in the works. But director Neil Blomkamp seemed to have shifted his focus on other works. A District 10 movie means the aliens would move to another site and other new developments. I'm anxious to see what BlomKamp could do with this.

Jeepers Creepers 3

"Jeepers Creepers, where you get those peepers". Even though the 2nd film didnt match up to the first film, the ending of the second film did leave me with a "Wow, what's gonna happen in the next 22years when the creeper wakes up?" I developed a liking for this franchise mainly because of its characters and a not too familiar storyline (well excluding part 2). But yeah I would definitely love to see that old dude chasing the creeper lol.

Mathilda: The Professional

After developing a close bond with her hitman protector, losing him and then being rejected by her protector's friend to become a hitman, I think it'd be cool to see a grown Mathilda (Natalie Portman) as a "professional". She was good in V For Vendetta so I really think she could pull off some bad ass action sequences. Natalie's breakout performance was in Leon: The Professional and seeing her avenge her protector's death would be quite fulfilling.


After watching Troy which was good (released the same year), then watching Alexander..... One would say "What the hell!". The movie Alexander was a mess, it had nothing going on for it. From acting to script - it was a total mess. "Alexander the Great" is a historical figure who at the time, changed the world. But in this movie, he didnt change anything. It was so poorly executed that I have erased it from my memory. Alexander encountered many battles and conquered the world in the 4th century B.C and this is really what they could have come up with? Seriously this movie needs to be re-made and I hope they hear my cries.

The Twilight Saga

Yes I would love to see Twilight being remade. THE WHOLE SAGA. Especially after watching Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 1 which was horrible. I hate the actors used in this franchise; but they were used to attract a younger fan base which actually worked. The movies are based off books and it was still poorly done. The only one I'd give a passing grade is Twilight. With a better director and a better cast, I think Twilight could be a decent franchise and not just a overblown teenage love fest.


"Thundercats are on the loose!" Seeing a cartoon from our childhood come alive is not really something I look forward to these days. For some strange reason, I would welcome this thought - the thought of seeing some of our famous actors doused in makeup playing our favorite thundercats. Yeah the movie may be dreadful but I'm really curious to see if they could somehow pull it off.

Boasting a few cool action sequences within the trilogy, there is really nothing else going on for these Transformer movies. The acting gets cornier with each one, the humor even worse. Although I did tolerate the first film; the second and third installments seemed so ridiculous. Characters seemed so out of place (especially the army personnel) and not to mention, an oh so lame script. There were talks of having the franchise rebooted but now Michael Bay has opted to add a fourth film. When Bay is finished ripping the franchise apart, we can only pray for a reboot with both action and substance.

Christopher Columbus

I have seen a few versions of Christopher Columbus story on television but nothing worth talking about. Christopher Columbus is an iconic historical figure who changed the course of the world, literally. His prominent voyages should be brought to life in fine style and his interaction and conquest of the indigenous people of the Americas. I think Mel Gibson would be a suitable director for this, he did tease us with a Christopher Columbus reference at the end of Apocalypto.

  September 11
September 11, 2001 is a day that will never be forgotten by Americans. It is a day where innocent lives were lost and America was brought together, well somewhat. I would love to see a film about the events that occured on this day, also go in depth with the terrorists on the day before the attacks. Ive seen a few spin-offs of the 9/11 story but nothing really highlighting the horrors. I'm pretty sure it's in the making but no official word as yet.

The Dark Knight Returns? 
I know it's a bit soon plus Christopher Nolan and Bale stated that they are through with the Batman franchise. But with that ending in The Dark Knight Rises, I would love to see another from Nolan! Bruce Wayne/Batman is thought to be dead, Robin takes over the batcave and becomes Gotham's new vigilante. However Robin is kidnapped and then Batman appears out of nowhere and saves the day. Simple? yeah. Plus I'd love to see what Nolan would do with The Riddler. If you know Christopher Nolan, you'll know he'll deliver something out of the ordinary.


Which other movies would you like seeing remade or brought to life?


  1. District 10!! HEll YEAH!! Mathilda HELL YEAH!!!! Thundercats!!!! YOSHA!!! The Dark Night Returns. Indeed! :D That is all

  2. Ok, another Dark Knight film would really do well with me. I mean, look at that ending, it caan just left dead'd see District 10, no Jeepers Creepers -___-, a Reboot of the Transformers Trilogy would be big earner as well...oh by the way, there was a Thundercats movie...never saw it, but the screengrabs tell me it was terrible *bawls*