Sunday, November 11, 2012

Best of Morgan Freeman

Anyone notice how Morgan Freeman looks the same way he did 30 years ago? 

Ever since Morgan Freeman burst onto the movie scene, he has not disappointed. Well for me at least. He has played God, president, teacher, prisoner, thug and the whole works. He makes a pretty good lead in any movie and an even better sidekick. He is versatile, well rounded, outspoken when he should and lest we forget, he has pretty much the most soothing narrative voice ever. Yes Morgan makes a fine narrator. He is one of those actors which comes across as very likable and consistent with audiences. After forty years, he continues to impress with each film and will continue to do so. He has been nominated for an Oscar a few times for his roles but finally won his first Oscar for his role in the movie Million Dollar Baby.

Below is my top 10 favorite Morgan Freeman roles. One of my favorite actors and truly an icon. 


Deep Impact (1998)
His role: President Beck
I would elect Morgan Freeman as president in real life just to hear his addresses to the nation. His scenes were probably the best and liveliest in this movie.


Glory (1989) 
His role: John Rawlins
Denzel Washington was the highlight of this film but I adored Freeman's role nonetheless. His performance was impressive and top-notch and even outshone Matthew Broderick's character.


 The Dark Knight (2008)
His role: Lucius Fox
Morgan played a small but integral role in Christopher Nolan's Batman movies. He was sharp, old-school, witty and a secondary brain behind Bruce Wayne's operations.


The Shawshank Redemption (1994)
His role: Ellis Boyd "Red" Redding
Here Freeman plays Ellis Boyd "Red" Redding, an incarcerated man who forms a special bond with Tim Robbins. Red is quite an innocent character but acknowledges the fact that he is guilty. That scene where he speaks out in the parole interview is still one of my favorite ever. 


Se7en (1995)
His role: William Somerset
Morgan starred alongside Brad Pitt in this impressive crime thriller. Playing a wise, level-headed veteran police detective who is determined to solve a crime and also faces the challenge of containing his rowdy partner Brad Pitt.


Driving Miss Daisy (1989)
His role: Hoke Colburn
Freeman plays Hoke Colburn, a sweet and free spirited chauffeur who just wants to please his racist employer. Freeman's chirpy accent, extreme patience and good will definitely sold his role and makes
this film a classic.


Street Smart (1987)
His role: Fast Black
Morgan earned an Oscar nomination for his role in this crime thriller. He played a street thug and tough guy pimp name Fast Black. It was not a role we were accustomed to seeing Morgan in but he shined nonetheless. 


Million Dollar Baby (2004)
His role: Eddie "Scrap-Iron" Dupris
Morgan definitely delivered a knockout performance alongside Hilary Swank. With his smooth narration, Freeman gives a humble, soulful and strong performance.


Invictus (2009) 
His role: Nelson Mandela
Morgan's portrayal of Nelson Mandela was nothing short of inspiring and brilliant. He captured that South African accent nicely and truly embodied Mandela, leaving us captivated.


Lean On Me (1989)
His role: Joe Clark
He was loud, he was mean but he was powerful. Morgan plays a overly compassionate educator name Joe Clark who at times seem like the bad guy in the movie but in the end, he just wanted what's best for his students and the institution.

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