Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Review - Death Proof (2007)

Starring Kurt Russell, Rosario Dawson and Sydney Tamiia Poitier.
Directed by Quentin Tarantino.

Tarantino states that Death Proof is his worst effort to date. Although I wouldn't call this film his strongest but it was a trademark Tarantino film filled with loads of entertainment. The movie is centered around Stuntman Mike (Kurt Russell), a professed movie stuntman who has a knack for preying on and killing young women. However, where this movie seperates itself from other slasher films is that Mike uses extreme road rage to intimidate and kill his victims.

In Death Proof, Stuntman Mike preys on two sets of women. One set in the first half of the movie and the other set in the second half.  I notice somewhat similarities between the two sets of women; they seem to be somewhat slutty and have a tie to the movie/entertainment industry, as does Stuntman Mike. Anyhoo, the movie is laced with Tarantino's trademark curse word galore, witty, stern and humorous dialogue. But the first thing you will notice about this film is how it is shot. It has that Grindhouse texture but at the same time, it looks like it was shot using a hand cam. I found this very fitting and admirable. As with most Tarantino films, there is a killer soundtrack which accompanies it. The killer soundtrack accompanied with the film's cinematography made it even feel like a vintage 1970's Blaxpoitation film. I believe Tarantino is toying with, but at the same time paying homage to these different genres.

Anyways, the characters were solid. Kurt Russell was a solid villain and I loved the conversations between the women. The first set of women which Stuntman Mike preyed on were no match for him but the second set of women totally blew me out the water. Stuntman Mike met his match and the movie got more crazy at that point. These women (which included Rosario Dawson, Zoe Bell and Tracie Thoms) were bad-asses and took control of this film. If you're a fan of vintage fast cars, this movie boasts some of the craziest car chase scenes ever - especially that last scene. It was totally surprising, unexpected, funny and violent.

I consider Death Proof an underrated film. It is pretty much a mixture of genres and I think it captured each nicely and effectively. It had that dark comedy, grindhouse, blaxploitation and slasher horror feel to it. Tarantino entertains and does so effortlessly.

Rating: 8.5/10

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