Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Unforgettable Performances - Jaye Davidson (The Crying Game, 1992)

"Have you ever tried to pick up your teeth with broken fingers?"

So I watched The Crying Game for the first time this past week and was immediately blown away. Not only was I impressed with the content of the film but also that of the performance of a young and unknown actor - Jaye Davidson. Jaye Davidson plays a character name Dil and does so impressively. For much of the film, I was thinking - there's just something oddly good about Dil. After a surprising turn of events, everything became much clearer and Jaye sold it so well. He got better and better at this point. He delivered each line so confidently, he didn't seem uncomfortable one bit and he was pretty commanding. I couldn't believe this was from an actor with no prior acting experience.

Jaye's Davidson role in this movie landed him a Best Supporting Actor Oscar nomination. The entire cast of The Crying Game was superb, the story real interesting and it's one of those movies I consider a gem. Check out this scene below from the movie.

The Crying Game (1992)

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