Sunday, April 07, 2013

Then and Now: The Sandlot (1993)

Where are they now?

The Sandlot is a movie that I watched a million times growing up and even to this day, it is still an enjoyable gem from my childhood. Not only is it one of the first movies I ever watched about baseball, it is one of those movie that will have you lost in 90s nostalgia. The casting was great, the tricks were so fun to watch and it paved the way for my love and appreciation of baseball. 

Ever wondered what happened to the cast? Well some are doing low-key works in the movie/tv industry while others just have regular jobs like us. Check it out.

Tom Guiry who played "Scotty Smalls" has been somewhat active in the movie industry.
Mike Vitar who played "Benny" went on to become a LAFD firefighter.
Patrick Renna who played "Ham" continues to do some low-key acting works.
Chauncey Leopardi who played "Squints" continues to do some low-key acting works.
Marty York who played "Yeah-Yeah" is having trouble with the law.
Brandon Quintin Adams who played "Kenny" is now a rapper.
Shane Obedzinski who played "Tommy Repeat" has been off the radar.
Victor Dimattia who played "Timmy" has been directing small films.
Grant Gelt who played "Bertram" is involved in artist management.


  1. hold this the one with the kid who kissed the lifeguard by fake drowning?

  2. Ah The Sandlot...memories