Monday, May 27, 2013

Movie Questions (Episode 1)


Now and then, some random questions pop into my mind while watching a movie. These questions usually go unanswered because most times it's not much of a big deal or they're just plot holes and contrivances that you can't help but shake your head at or laugh. If you've seen the movies, check out these random questions and if you know the answers - just leave a comment below.

1. Why did Commissioner Gordon send EVERY cop in Gotham City underground for Bane in The Dark Knight Rises? 

- How very smart of Gordon, and how very convenient of Bane's plan too.

2. Why in god's name did Uncle Ben proceed to tackle the ARMED gunman in The Amazing Spiderman

- I was like....WTF Uncle Ben, you deserved that, just kidding.

3. Did Johnny Utah really think his buddy bankrobbers wouldn't recognize him after he chased them in Point Break?

- I mean like seriously Johnny, you weren't wearing a masking or anything. Something was gonna happen.

4. Why did Tony Stark go on national television broadcasting his address to Mandarin in Iron Man 3 and was acting all bored and clueless at the brink of attack?

- I swear Tony Stark was drunk. Everyone in this movie was drunk.

5. Is it me or does the dream machine in Inception look so... simple and cheap?

-  For something so complex but yet the dream machine looks like something they bought out of a pawn shop. Then I look at the contraption in The Matrix.

6. Why did old Rose hold on to the blue diamond necklace for so long in Titanic and then decide to throw in the ocean after 86years?

- Woman you could have given your grandchildren or sold it 80 years ago!

7. Why is the movie called A Clockwork Orange?

- Seriously, I don't know. Great movie though!

8. How comes no one recognized Vincent Freeman (Ethan Hawke) as the invalid in Gattaca?

- I was like, ummm - the resemblance is striking!

9. What is the true purpose of the cube in the movie Cube?

- This movie's downfall for me. I just felt it could have been explained better.

10. Did Nina Sayers die at the end of Black Swan?

- I hope she didn't :(

11. What were the purpose of the beasts in Beasts of The Southern Wild

- I don't get it.

12. Where were the rest of the Avengers during Iron Man 3?

- I mean, it was only months after. Did the rest of them go vacationing in Asgard?

13. Where was the Joker during Bane's Gotham City mayhem in The Dark Knight Rises?

- We saw the Scarecrow, I couldn't help but wonder where the Joker was too.

14. What is the relevance of the first scene in A Serious Man?

-  Weird scene and I just don't see a connection to the rest of the movie.

15. Why didn't the Eagles just transport Bilbo and the dwarfs to Erebor in The Hobbit instead? or perhaps closer?

- Lol. We know, we know - plot developments.

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