Friday, October 11, 2013

Dumb Movie Scene: Man of Steel (2013)


Man of Steel was one of my most anticipated films of 2013 and it was downright disappointing. There I was sitting in the theater waiting to be blown away by this god awful film at some point but it never happened. I could not get into the story nor its characters and then the unthinkable happened -- a scene so dumb, I had to switch my brain off completely and say "Fuck it!".

The scene that got me riled up was the tornado scene. When Clark Kent was younger, Jonathan did not think the world was ready for Clark's super abilities so he pretty much dissuaded Clark from revealing his powers. Nothing is wrong with that but it was the manner of which he died in this particular scene which really pissed me off. Clark could have easily saved his father or even the dog for that matter, but nah, the writers wanted a sentimental and inspiring moment. Too bad it just looked fucking stupid.

No HD quality of the scene is available yet (will update this post once it is) but here's a musical snippet of the scene and some captioned pics to go along with it.

Site of the tragedy. boo hoo.

Clark Kent watching his idiot dad trying to be a "hero".

Jonathan Kent telling Clark not to save him. He wants to be inspirational so bad. Idiot.


  1. Yeah, this scene was ridiculous, stupid, forced, contrived, etc., etc., etc....

    But yeah, there's really no excuse for it, either. Oh, might daddy be disappointed that I showed off my powers? Well you know what, he may be disappointed, BUT AT LEAST HE'LL BE ALIVE! No fucking shit, right? But, nah, just gonna let dad die. Not to mention that, in the middle of a freaking tornado, I doubt most people would be paying attention if he were to use his speed to grab the damn dog and his dad real quick, not that that should matter in such a situation! Blahrgh!

    1. hahaha you said it perfectly. Clark had enough time to run over to daddy and get back but naaaah

    2. lol...the way Chris wrote its so if "mighty daddy would give a lecture if i save him"

  2. I haven't seen the movie, but this is shocking. He's Superman... right? SUPERMAN!

    What have they done with my favourite Superhero :(

    1. they made him Super Sentimental Obedient Man...