Friday, December 20, 2013

Review - Frozen (2013)

Starring Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel and Josh Gad.
Directed by Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee.

Synopsis: A mountain climber and a young girl named Anna journey through snowy peaks and dangerous cliffs to find the legendary Snow Queen and end the perpetual winter prophecy that has fallen over their kingdom.

You just don't fall inlove the same day!

Based loosely on the fairytale The Snow Queen, Disney has done it again! Frozen has been getting a lot of hype these past few weeks and I must say it really lived up to it. The characters are so fun, hilarious and charming, assisted by spectacular voicings. Our two leading female characters Anna and Elsa (voiced by Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel respectively) are great but who stole the show was none other than Olaf the Snowman (voiced by Josh Gad), who is our primary comic relief and boy did he make this movie even better with his presence. I found myself myself smiling the entire duration of this film and every time he was on screen. 

The script is fantastic, and the story? It is pretty simple and straightforward with a few twisty surprises along the way, not to mention heart-warming moments. Amidst all the charm and hilarity, I loved the messages this movie portrayed and it was done in such a clever way. Frozen is not another cliche-heavy Disney animated movie because it dared to be different -- despite the somewhat predictable ending, which I didn't mind anyways. I had no idea this movie was a musical until it began; the musical numbers are catchy, fantastic and are performed well by our characters. Even though I think Frozen would have worked without the 3D effects, the animation nonetheless is very beautiful and there are some impressive shots which left me in total awe. Did you see some of those shots with the snow and ice formations? Brilliant.

Frozen works on every level; it is mature and enjoyable for every age. It was the most fun I have had at the theater in a long time. Great job Disney!

Rating: 10/10