Saturday, March 08, 2014

Review - Winter's Tale (2014)

Starring Colin Farrell, Russell Crowe and Jessica Brown-Findlay.
Directed by Akiva Goldsman.

Synopsis: A burglar falls for an heiress as she dies in his arms. When he learns that he has the gift of reincarnation, he sets out to save her.

Winter's Tale, or more like Winter's Stale -- After watching, I cannot believe this film was actually adapted from a novel. The film stars Colin Farrell as Peter Lake, a known thief on the run from an angry demon name Pearly Soames (Russell Crowe). This movie is pretty much a cat-and-mouse chase between the two from start to finish, but it tries to parade as a romance flick. It fails miserably at both and the storytelling is some of the worst I've ever seen, which includes a flying horse which we have no idea why or where it came from. I felt like elements of the plot were not thoroughly explained as I even found myself lost a few times. Winter's Tale had serious tone issues; the whole supernatural aspect of it felt off and misplaced. In a nutshell, it was not very believable.

Not only was I bombarded with shit storytelling, it was painful watching some of our most pronounced actors making a fool of themselves in this film. Will Smith, Colin Farrell, William Hurt and Russell Crowe were obviously blackmailed into featuring in this filth. The movie is so poorly written, I found myself cringing at the dialogue especially in those scenes involving both Will and Russell having a meeting. How do you seriously waste a cast like this? Visually I think this movie was fine. Hey, at least they captured the era at the beginning, as it did feel like the early 1900s. Sadly the cast nor the visuals could save Winter's Tale abysmal story and script. One of the worst movies I've ever seen.

Rating: 1/10


  1. Oh god! hahahahahaha

    I thought this looked like a shit film. So glad I gave it a miss (Mum was absolutely dying to see it).

    I've nominated you for a Liebster Award Shawna :)