Monday, July 07, 2014

Mid-Year Review: Top 5 Best and Worst of 2014

A fairly good year for movies thus far in 2014. Not many disappointments, a few surprises, the indie scene still continues to impress and even the blockbuster scene has looked well (as compared to last year's). Here's my top 5 films I've enjoyed so far this year and the top 5 worst films that should have never been made.

Top 5 Best

5. Cheap Thrills

4. The Lego Movie

3. Xmen: Days of Future Past

2. Captain America: The Winter Soldier

1. The Raid 2

Top 5 Worst

5. I, Frankenstein

4. Transcendence

3. Winter's Tale

2. The Legend of Hercules

1. 3 Days To Kill

Also, here are my picks for the movies that I found rather disappointing and surprising. Director Darren Aronofsky finally ventures into blockbuster territory and gives us his take on the famous biblical story. However, the movie turns out to be a total mess and after watching I wish he had just stuck to the original story. My surprise of the year so far turns out to be a horror flick - Oculus. A movie I expected to be another mediocre horror but I was very impressed with the movie's structure and ambition. Not many directors could have pulled it off so smoothly.

Most Disappointing - Noah

Most Surprising - Oculus

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