Saturday, July 21, 2012

Favorite Films of 2012 So Far...

More than halfway through the year, 2012 hasn't been that great in regards to movies. A few good watches but nothing really Oscar-worthy or seriously mind-blowing yet. Let's not even talk about the bad movies Ive seen this year - very abundant and just terrible. Anyways here's my top 5 fave films of 2012 so far. Still a whole lot more movies to watch but I just felt like highlighting what deserves to be highlighted. Feel free to comment and subscribe.

Honorable Mentions
Jeff, Who Lives At Home

5. We Need to Talk About Kevin
Fueled by strong performances and tense atmosphere, 'We Need to Talk About Kevin' features oscar nominee Tilda Swinton as a concerned mother and her deranged son 'Kevin' who goes on a pre-meditated killing spree. A disturbing yet good film which also gives you a look into reality.

4. Haywire
Not only did I love the action sequences of this film, I adored its artwork and cinematography. Double crossed by her friends, Mallory Kane must now fight for her life and uncover the truth. Gina Carano was solid in her debut as an actress. She was a bad ass. Featuring a star studded cast and a saturated style of filming, Soderbergh didn't disappoint

3. Marvel's The Avengers
HULK-SMASH! the Hulk was awesome. The heroes assembled against the forces of evil. Humor, good acting and great action sequences especially the last scene, the Avengers lived up to its hype.

2. The Cabin in the Woods
Now this was a special kind of movie. Not your typical cliched horror flick, 'Cabin in the Woods' was just really creative. It follows along a simple plot but as the movie went along, it evolved into more. A film successfully able to use ideas and cliches from other films and effectively transform it into their own. Well done Whedon.

1. The Raid: Redemption
A simple plot for most parts but my god the action and fight sequences were worthwhile! From start to finish you will be entertained. A police squad goes to capture a crime don and all hell breaks loose in the building. Great action sequences with twists in the plot and good acting. 'The Raid: Redemption' was satisfying. 


  1. When did the raid get released. Never even heard of it

  2. Only seen haywire and Avengers

  3. Raid got released earlier this year. Check it out

  4. I had to stop watching Haywire... didnt like it at all...