Monday, July 30, 2012

Worst Films of 2012 So Far.....

A few weeks ago I shared my favorite films of 2012, I might as well share the ones I despise so far as well. Bad movies have picked up right where it left off from 2011 and in vast numbers they are. Midway through 2012, here's my top 5 suicide inducing films and future Razzie nominees....

5. Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

Nicolas Cage seems to be on a roll in terms of making bad movies and this second installment of popular comic 'Ghost Rider' was no different. Bad acting, bad cinematography, horrible script - we saw it all in this film. Let's hope for a future reboot. 

4. Gone

This is one of those movies that just didnt make any sense whatsoever. Like, what was the point of this film? who was the guy? This was so poorly acted and executed. Do not waste your time.

3. Battleship

Making a movie based on a board game? We should have expected this. Not even the heavy CGI action scenes could have saved this movie. Worst dialogue of the year and Rihanna darling, stick to music.

2. Piranha 3DD 

This movie was ridiculously stupid on many levels. Just picture a bunch of people getting killed in a SHALLOW pool. A shallow pool. Some famous faces in this film but very BAD acting and a stupid plot. FAIL.

1. The Devil Inside

This is 2012's worst movie to date hands down. They tried a documentary/found footage style but it just didn't work out at all. Not only was it very pointless, it wasnt frightening AT ALL. Let's not even talk about its very anti-climatic and dumb ending. Avoid at all costs.

Honorable Mentions
A Thousand Words
Snow White and The Huntsman

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  1. thought for a sec u were gonna list The Dictator in it lol. I agree with this list stil

  2. Well lets see, i never saw Gone or the devil inside. I didnt even waste my time or bandwidth to download Pirahna, ghost rider was meh. But Battleship *sigh* i seriously cant believe i know a set of people who actually VOUCH for the movie -___- battleship should have been number 1 shawna >.> thats the only Number 1 it should ever get.....

  3. (Lockout Review)