Thursday, October 04, 2012

Unforgettable Performances - Joel Grey (Cabaret, 1972)

"Where are your troubles now? Forgotten! I told you so. we no troubles here. Here life is beautiful."

He was the Master of Ceremonies, but to me, he was the master of this great movie - CabaretThe funny thing about Joel Grey's performance is that he only appeared at musical intervals in the Berlin Kit-Kat Club but every time he popped up on the screen, I was left mesmerized and wanting more and more. He wasn't the main character but he was the best. His gestures, his facial expressions, his antics and his singing was nothing short of brilliant. He did however win the Oscar for best supporting actor which was well deserved while his fellow co-star Liza Minnelli also won best actress award, another well deserved.

Cabaret is a beautiful piece of movie. Brilliant directing, beautiful acting and even tense moments here and there. The musical selections were catchy, spunky and well done. The Liza Minnelli -Joel Grey singing combo is quite refreshing and unforgettable. Masterpiece.

Musical scene from the movie Cabaret (1972)

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  1. Joel Grey astounded me in Cabaret! I agree he was the highlight of the film (and that's saying something)!

    Good to see someone paying tribute to an often overlooked actor :)