Monday, November 05, 2012

Review - Looper (2012)

Starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Bruce Willis and Emily Blunt.
Directed by Rian Johnson.

Director Rian Johnson and Joseph Gordon-Levitt team up again to bring us this sci-fi action thriller. Originality is not yet dead in Hollywood and Rian Johnson's Looper is proof of that. The main concept of the film is time travel, a concept which most times is filled with gaps and holes but Rian Johnson handled it pretty well. The movie begins with a narrative from a young Joe (Joseph Gordon Levitt), he explains what Loopers are, their cause and implications.

The movie is set in the future;  present day is the year 2044 and we go a further 30 years into the future (2074) where a portion of the film is referenced and time travel has been invented. Loopers are basically hitmen. When the mob bosses in the future want someone eliminated, they transport them back in time and the Loopers dispose of them. However being a looper comes with a clause and after a 30 year period, your loop will be closed and your futuristic self will also be sent back in time to be disposed. When it was time for Joe's loop to be closed, that's where the fun began. An older Joe (Bruce Willis) is transported back to 2044 but he doesn't intend to die.

Future/Old Joe is played by Bruce Willis and trust me, he was a bad-ass. What I found also rather impressive also was Joseph Gordon-Levitt's portrayal/impression of a younger Joe/Bruce Willis. He was spot on! At instances he looks almost like Bruce himself. The time travel concept tend to pose issues for many viewers but with Joe's solid story-telling, I was able to follow the story smoothly and not get confused. I love the fact that director Rian Johnson establishes time travel from the get-go and at the same time he doesn't focus too much on it. The movie proceeded and we see other cool aspects of the film being introduced. Not only did the movie have enticing characters but enjoyable action sequences. The film had a cool musical score that aided that futuristic atmosphere accompanied by great visuals and effects. The first half of the film focuses mainly on the loopers and the second half slowed down a bit and basically tells us why Old Joe is so determined to survive. The story even sort of reminded me of The Terminator, which I respected. Looper is pretty enjoyable with solid performances from Old Joe and Young Joe. The film is also laden with humor. Lets not forget Emily Blunt and the baby character Cid (Pierce Gagnon). Very solid acting by a toddler I must add. Original and entertaining with a great cast, Looper lived up to its expectation.

Rating: 8.5/10

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  1. Just watched this and I enjoyed it very much :D Wont do a review for it though but you hit the nail on the head with this here review ^.^