Sunday, January 27, 2013

Unforgettable Performances - Denzel Washington (Training Day, 2001)

"My nigga"

Usually in most movies... dirty cops will try to keep their dirty secrets hidden in hopes of not being found out by fellow officers. However in Training Day, Alonzo Harris played by Denzel Washington, established from the get-go - he doesn't give a damn. Denzel's bad-ass performance thoroughly carried this movie. He never lost character and he portrayed the ultimate villain when in fact he was suppose to be the "good guy". His attitude and lines were on point and he definitely made this film way better than it was suppose to be.

As a result of his impressive performance, Denzel Washington won an oscar award for best actor for his role in the movie. Very well deserved. 

Scene from Training Day showing the bad-ass Alonzo Harris.

Training Day (2001)

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