Thursday, May 16, 2013

Review - Star Trek Into Darkness (2013)

Starring Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto and Benedict Cumberbatch.
Directed by J.J. Abrams

The second installment of the rebooted Star Trek franchise is finally here and what can I say? I was totally impressed. Though this sequel isn't as awesome as its predecessor, I was left mighty satisfied and happily await a third installment. If this is what director J.J Abrams has to offer everytime, then I believe the upcoming Star Wars trilogy should be in good hands.

The movie follows the USS Enterprise as they are sent out to chase John Harrison (Benedict Cumberbatch) after he bombed Section 31 Archives and was responsible for the death of numerous Starfleet agents. Most of the cast reprises their roles from the first film and again they are superb - no character felt under-used. Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto does a solid job in carrying this film. However, I was most impressed with Benedict Cumberbatch in his role - he nailed it. His character was executed well, his presence was totally felt and his words thunderous. Star Trek Into Darkness boasts some clever writing and a good script. We see some interesting plot developments arise from a simple story. We witness numerous conspiracies being unfolded, sharp one-liners and slight humor throughout the film. Simon Pegg did a good job playing the movie's comic relief. I love the fact that it doesn't force itself to be funny - you know, like Iron Man 3.

The most glorious attribute of this sequel is its breathtaking visuals and imagery. Just like the first film, Star Trek Into Darkness is visually stunning. The 3D format worked so well with the visuals and the angles - you can't help but feel like you're out in space along with the crew. The action set-pieces were amazing; this is how true science fiction should look. What made it even better is that the movie is fast-paced so you get non-stop action accompanied by its jaw-dropping visuals, although it does take time out to develop its plot. The story was engaging thanks to Benedict Cumberbatch's good guy/bad guy portrayal. Not to mention the character Alexander Marcus (portrayed by Peter Weller) who made it interesting as well.

Star Trek Into Darkness is a solid sequel that will leave many in awe at its look. A fine addition to the franchise and the cast continues to deliver. It is one of those movies that 3D was made for.

Rating: 8.5/10


  1. Good review Shawna. It's probably the best movie of the year so far for me because the fun and excitement never ended, even when the characters were just talking.

    1. I agree. Twas pretty entertaining. Thanks Dan!

  2. Good Review! That is how a blockbuster is made. Cumberbatch was the perfect choice to play the villain.